Tapani Ahonen

Designer of the NoC-Based Platform


Claudio Brunelli

Designer of the floating-point co-processor and the reconfigurable co-processor


Markus Moisio

Ported the GNU C-compiler for COFFEE


Hannu Isännäinen

Ported the binutils and newlibs


Fabio Garzia

Developed 3D graphics and multimedia application for several platforms based on Coffee


Roberto Airoldi

Implements Software Defined Radio on NineSilica


Former members and collaborators

Juha Kylliäinen

Designer of the core, layout issues, software management, FPGA demonstration


Tuukka Kasanko

Designer of the instruction set simulator


Ugné Tenikaitiené

Designer of the assembler


Jarno Saarinen

Designer of the linker


Nuguru Susheel Raj

Porting uClinux to COFFEE


Pawan Gadipudi

Verifying the uClinux port


Federico Cinelli

Contributed to Butter Accelerator


Davide Rossi

MP3 and H.264 Decoder Implementation


Andrea Ferro

GUI for Butter Mapping


Carmelo Giliberto

Dedicated DMA Design


Riccardo Mastria

GPS Implementation


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